Features that work for you

Multiple Push Gateways for the most popular devices

We'll handle the complexities of each individual push gateway.

  • Apple

    iOS and MacOS

  • Android


  • Safari


  • Chrome

    Google Chrome

  • More coming soon!

Error handling, monitoring, and reporting.

Giving you the tools and piece of mind that things are running smoothly.

Error console

Analytics tools for gauging traction

See how your pushes are engaging your users.


Integrations with your stack

We open source.
Check out our libraries to integrate with your existing application stack and get productive faster.

  • Ruby Ruby
  • Java Java
  • Python Python
  • Php PHP
  • Javascript Javascript
  • Go Go
  • Ejabberd eJabberd
  • Wordpress WordPress

Support that cares.

We'll guide you through tricky integrations, do a screenshare to answer questions about code, and work with your business to meet your needs.

I have never ceased to be amazed at how fast and accommodating the support at @zeropush is. Highly recommended if you do iOS or Android push 487eb8eb91d78631bb63da494ec388f2 200x200 Geoff H.